What Do I Need to Know about Divorce in Hawaii?

Thousands of couples elect every year to start their marriages in Hawaii, where the relaxing vibes of a tropical paradise add color and warmth to nuptials and honeymoons. Although the Aloha State does not come to mind as quickly when a couple is planning a divorce, the process can be relatively pain-free.

  • What authority grants divorces in Hawaii?

Family Court is responsible for handling divorce filings and issuing divorce decrees. The court also handles related issues such as child support, paternity claims and family disputes.

  • What are the restrictions on divorce?

The process is quite open compared to other U.S. states. There is no requirement for stating a reason for divorce in court or on court documents. Hawaii courts can issue a divorce even if spouses were married in other jurisdictions such as another state or country. The filing spouse must have lived in Hawaii for at least six months before petitioning the court for a divorce.

  • How long does the divorce process take?

A typical Hawaii divorce takes several months, even if spouses are not contesting the process. Any dispute, such as disagreements on splitting up marital assets or managing child support, will lengthen the process and delay the decree.

  • Do I require a lawyer for a Hawaii divorce?

Hawaii law does not require divorce litigants to get legal representation, but the State Judiciary state that having a lawyer during a divorce is very helpful. An attorney can defend all of your interests in the case of a divorce from the perspective of someone who is familiar with the process.

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