What You Didn’t Know about Divorce Mediation

It is common for a married person to spend years vaguely contemplating whether they should file for divorce. However, this process of living in a toxic environment while allowing things to slowly deteriorate until action — separation or divorce — becomes necessary is never healthy or ideal.

There are better ways to take control of your marriage. You can address the toxic habits that have formed over time and help you both decide the best path forward. Divorce mediation can help prevent years spent in an unhappy marriage, uncertain and helpless in regard to which course of action to take. However, many people a reluctant to go through mediation. The following are some reasons why divorce mediation might be a good match for you.

Mediation can help you choose the right course of action

Many couples do not seek mediation because they believe that they will be pressured into working through their issues and saving their marriages when they have already established that they do not want to be together. But this is simply not the case. Divorce mediators want the best for both individuals, and in many cases, this means divorce. They can help you work together to make the divorce and child custody process run smoother.

You will not be compromising in regard to the division of assets

Just because you are working through your issues in a mature and reasonable way, it does not mean that you will be making any compromises in dividing your assets. The law still applies to all aspects of divorce, and you will have access to all the legal guidance that you need, along with a mediator.

The legal profession embraces mediation

It is common for couples to believe that divorce mediation is an alternative method to the legal route. Yet, they can be combined. The American Bar Association collaborates with mediation groups to share best practices.

If you are considering divorce mediation in Hawaii to help you and your spouse evaluate the best process for dissolving your marriage, you should look further into how mediation works.