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We ‘Wrote The Book’ On Divorce In Hawaii

November 2019 Archives

Advantages of a prenuptial agreement

Some couples getting married in Hawaii assume they do not need a prenuptial agreement because they are not wealthy. However, there are other reasons partners may want to sign a prenup. For example, people who have children from a previous marriage may want a prenup to protect their assets for those children.

Distance does not have to hurt the parent-child relationship

After a divorce, some parents in Hawaii might have face having to move away from their children due to circumstances in their personal life or in their careers. The move, particularly after divorce, might bring up some emotions that could potentially affect the parent-child relationship. However, parents can continue to develop loving, supportive parent-child relationships even if they need to move far away.

3 reasons to consider filing an uncontested divorce in Hawaii

The word "divorce" conjures images of dramatic courtroom scenes in the minds of most people, but that doesn't mean that the only way to end your marriage involves an acrimonious battle in the courtroom. Hawaii allows spouses who want to dissolve their marriage to file an uncontested divorce.

Dealing with a business during a divorce

Financial issues can be some of the most significant factors impacting a person's decision to divorce. After all, the effects of asset division can linger on long after emotional and relationship issues have been handled. For business owners in Hawaii, the costs can be especially significant. Entrepreneurs with small and midsized businesses may discover that their companies are their largest single marital asset. As a result, the property division process may affect the business itself and its future potential.

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