The Ease of Getting Divorced in Hawaii

Getting a divorce can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. What may make it even worse is when states put regulations in place that lengthen the process. According to Business Insider, there may also be restrictions based on residency, divorce certifications or even providing educational classes to children. When it comes to Hawaii, there tends to be fewer restrictions. In fact, couples may choose to divorce in Hawaii even if they got married in a different state or country.

This is the main contributing factor behind why divorcing in Hawaii is sometimes considered easier than other states. However, couples still face many of the complications related to dividing property and determining spousal support. There is also the emotional burden of separating from the spouse and moving forward, regardless of the reasons leading to the divorce.

Forbes points out that when it comes to dividing up the spoils, couples need to consider whether or not they divorce in a state that separates individual property from marital property. Property determined to be separate property may not be included in the shared assets when dividing assets after a divorce.

When getting married, most couples do not consider the laws in the state they choose to marry or live in. However, even the state a person moves to after separation may affect where the couple files for divorce and the laws that apply. As long as one spouse can meet residency requirements for the state of their choice, they may be able to divorce according to the laws that best suit their interests.