Filing for Divorce When Your Spouse Wants to Remain Married

Sometimes, marriages fall apart and both spouses agree that the time to file for divorce has come. However, there may also be disagreement in this regard, especially if one person wants the marriage to continue. If you and your spouse cannot agree that divorce is best, but you are determined to bring the marriage to an end, it is pivotal to stand up for your right to separate from your marital partner, especially if you are in the middle of a toxic marriage.

Unfortunately, some people stay in marriages that are not in their best interests because they feel pressured to do so, or they are worried about the problems that could arise if they decide to move forward with a divorce. For those who have kids, this can be even more difficult, especially if the children do not want their parents to split up. Our law office realizes how complex and emotional these situations can be, but it is pivotal for people to do what is necessary in life, even if that means bringing their marriage to a close.

Sometimes, people have been married for many years, and this can make the divorce process even more difficult to approach. By going over the different options that may be available, such as collaborative divorce, the entire process could be more straightforward. Moreover, a more favorable outcome, especially with regard to child custody, may be within reach. That being said, some divorces can be tough, especially if one party is very bitter, and it is important to prepare yourself for what could lie ahead.