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Fathers and bias in child custody cases

Some fathers in Hawaii who are going through a divorce might wonder whether they will be at a disadvantage in a child custody case. Traditionally, this was true since mothers often stayed home with their children while fathers went to work. As a result, when couples got divorced, it was assumed that the mother would be the best caregiver for the children.

Distance does not have to hurt the parent-child relationship

After a divorce, some parents in Hawaii might have face having to move away from their children due to circumstances in their personal life or in their careers. The move, particularly after divorce, might bring up some emotions that could potentially affect the parent-child relationship. However, parents can continue to develop loving, supportive parent-child relationships even if they need to move far away.

Personal growth can support efforts to co-parent

Co-parenting has many advantages for divorced parents in Hawaii, but more significantly are the benefits it will provide for the children they share together. When two parents are able to maintain enough of a relationship to continue raising their children synergistically despite their marriage ending, they can help their children experience more fully the reward of having two parents who are committed to their growth and success. 

Joint custody may minimize the impact of divorce on your child

Deciding how to coordinate the care of your children after you and your spouse get divorced in Hawaii can be one of the most difficult decisions you may have to make. Regardless of how your relationship ended, there is a good chance that your spouse wishes to remain a part of your children's lives just as you wish. At Coates, Frey, Tanimoto & Gibson, AAL, LLLC, we know that establishing child custody is imperative and we are ready to help you do just that. 

Tips for child custody during summer months

Divorced parents in Hawaii can face some challenges come summertime if they are not good at communicating. During the year, it can be easier to make a schedule and stick to it, but once there is a break there is not the same consistency. To keep things drama-free for the kids, there are certain tips that may help parents.

When a custody dispute affects your career

Child custody can be one of the most challenging aspects of a divorce, not only because a dispute can lead to strong emotions and courtroom stressors but because of the way in which the outcome may impact a child’s life. Moreover, a custody dispute can affect parents in all sorts of ways as well, and in this post, we will look into some career-related concerns involving custody disputes. If you expect that the process of determining how custody will be awarded will be challenging and contentious, it is important to prepare and do what you can to minimize these difficulties.

Determining the child's best interests in Hawaii custody cases

When parents in Hawaii cannot reach agreements cooperatively regarding the care and custody of their children, the decision falls to the court. To make their decisions, family law judges may hear testimony, review evidence and consider a wide range of factors. At Coates Frey Tanimoto & Gibson, AAL, LLLC, we have helped many parents understand how the court determines the best interests of the child and have aided them in preparing for their custody hearings.

Reviewing the issue of parental relocation

Given Hawaii's reputation as a tropical paradise, many might question why you would ever want to move away. Yet as many of those that we here at Coates Frey Tanimoto & Gibson, AAL, LLC have worked with, the memories connected to a divorce can quickly turn a perceived paradise into a bleak scenario. You may rightly think that moving away will help both you, your ex-spouse and your children move on from your divorce. Yet that can be complicated when the matter of custody comes up. 

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