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Dealing with a business during a divorce

Financial issues can be some of the most significant factors impacting a person's decision to divorce. After all, the effects of asset division can linger on long after emotional and relationship issues have been handled. For business owners in Hawaii, the costs can be especially significant. Entrepreneurs with small and midsized businesses may discover that their companies are their largest single marital asset. As a result, the property division process may affect the business itself and its future potential.

What is pre-divorce counseling?

If you are unhappy in your marriage, you may think that the best option is divorce. Before you file the paperwork with a Hawaii court, however, you could consider pre-divorce counseling with your spouse. Unlike marriage counseling, the goal of pre-divorce counseling is not to help you and your spouse remain married. Rather, pre-divorce counseling may help you and your spouse have an amicable divorce that produces the best outcomes for you and your children.

Maintaining a strong work ethic during a divorce

When people are embroiled in a divorce with their significant other in Hawaii, it can be difficult for them to maintain focus and productivity at work. Often, thoughts of the changes within their personal lives can create a distraction from their job-related goals and objectives. Having mental clarity and being able to separate strong emotions from infiltrating work, is a constant challenge that many people have to actively focus on to prevent their divorce from hurting their career. 

Not all abuse is physical

Abuse in a marriage can take many forms. Physical abuse is much easier for both the victim and others to identify, but spouses in Hawaii need to also be aware of what constitutes non-physical abuse, which are emotional and psychological. 

How to prepare for a successful divorce mediation

Couples in Hawaii who decide to get a divorce, but do not want it to be a contentious process, may want to consider mediation. This method uses a third-party mediator to help each partner work through decisions regarding asset division, alimony and child custody. When couples communicate and prepare correctly, mediation can cost much less than litigation and it is typically less stressful.

Can you evaluate your relationship before you get divorced?

When you recognize that you are disagreeing with your spouse more than you are enjoying happy and content moments, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship and what changes have caused you to experience increased discord. Depending on the nature of your relationship and the conditions that are contributing to the contention, you may have the chance to discuss your concerns with your spouse in Hawaii before resorting to divorce. 

The ease of getting divorced in Hawaii

Getting a divorce can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. What may make it even worse is when states put regulations in place that lengthen the process. According to Business Insider, there may also be restrictions based on residency, divorce certifications or even providing educational classes to children. When it comes to Hawaii, there tends to be fewer restrictions. In fact, couples may choose to divorce in Hawaii even if they got married in a different state or country.

Updating your estate plans after your divorce

The completion of your divorce proceedings in Hawaii may bring with it a good deal of relief. This comes from assuming that the whole ordeal is over. In reality, however, there may still be much work to do. Officially separating your spouse from your life may require revisiting several important matters. One of these is the administration of your estate. Revising a will is something many forget to do following a divorce, which prompts many to come to us here at Coates Trey Tanimoto & Gibson, AAL, LLC concerned their loved ones failed to do that very thing before they died. 

Filing for divorce when your spouse wants to remain married

Sometimes, marriages fall apart and both spouses agree that the time to file for divorce has come. However, there may also be disagreement in this regard, especially if one person wants the marriage to continue. If you and your spouse cannot agree that divorce is best, but you are determined to bring the marriage to an end, it is pivotal to stand up for your right to separate from your marital partner, especially if you are in the middle of a toxic marriage.

Gifts for someone going through a divorce

Holiday gifts are a reflection of concern for other people and a natural desire to build relationships with friends, family members and even casual acquaintances. Gifts can range from a simple gesture of appreciation (like the tip you give your dog groomer or mailman) to a much deeper message of understanding and kinship toward someone you love.

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