Helping Families Move Forward
  • You need remember only one name when it comes to this law firm: Ann Isobe.
    She is a fantastic attorney and a wonderful woman.  You will hear what you need to hear from her, not what necessarily makes you feel better at the moment.  The service, care, and dedication is without equal.

    I have referred all of my friends to her and will continue to do so until she retires or there is no more divorce.

    - K.S.

  • Mr. Bob Young has been attentive and invested in my case since it has begun.

    His efforts were evidenced by a speedy decision in the first stage of our case, he and his team are dedicated, professionals and will help in anyway that they can, highly recommended...military friendly.

    - D.F.

  • Mr. Young was able to settle this case in 6 months. WE WON THE CASE.

    This is long overdue review for an incredible service I received from Bob Young. My case was a domestic abuse that was tricky with class-A manipulative ex (have you seen the movie, 'Enough' 2002 with J.Lo? Not to that extreme ending, but the very same tactic of the abusive partner), and dealing with clinical psychologists and CPS. Mr. Young was very strategic with his execution through my worries and doubts.

    Almost a year later after the divorce settlement, I received a request from court for something I had no idea about. Mr. Young no longer represented me at that time, but he still communicated with me re: this matter, and when we showed up at the court, he had all the necessary documents and recollection of this case even a year later. He had it all covered in case these things should come up, and the other party wasn't.

    His paralegal, Sarah was most kind and helpful lady, and very prompt and compassionate with any concerns I had. What usually would take 1+ year at least for contested divorce with a nasty child custody battle, Mr. Young was able to settle this case in 6 months. WE WON THE CASE. He's an awesome individual with good understanding of family matters and hardships of homemaking mothers with children. I would highly recommend seeing Mr. Young. Thank you, Bob!

    - R.N.

  • Noah was amazingly helpful, kind, caring and solid at what he does.
    Thank you for the guidance for my friend.  Very much appreciated.  Aloha!

    - A.S.

  • If I am ever in family legal need Tom is the lawyer I trust.
    I worked with Tom Tanimoto multiple times now and he has always done a really good job at keeping me level headed throughout the stressful court process. From prep to follow up he has earned my trust and loyalty. If I am ever in family legal need he is the lawyer I trust.

    - J.B.

  • Noah was not only there to fight for me but he sat down and listened to my story.
    Aloha everyone! As i was going through divorce I met attorney Noah Gibson seeking for help. I was a bit depress at the time not wanting to divorce trying to keep my vows. Noah was not only there to fight for me but he sat down and listen to my story. I was financially struggling at the time. At the end of the day Noah Said “You got me convinced” then he gave me a discount on my payments. I was like WOW! TY Lord. You see guys he never have to do that for me. A man with a good heart does those things. They listen and help if they have the power too. As i was going through court Noah was verry respectful to my Wife who filed divorce. This man is Awesome. If you want to know we split a 50/50 down the middle on my divorce sharing our son. There was this one desk worker from Nanakuli who work in the office at Caotes and frey who was welcoming and nice. She brought some toys for my son to play with. Another girl in the back with tattoos who was really nice that help me with some paper work. Sorry forgot your names. I gave this site 5 stars and i honestly would recommend them if you need help. Going to court for anything can be stressful. It would be nice to have a good team to help you and at the same time show u support.

    - A.H.

  • I'd go to them again if needed. And I recommend attorney Shannon Hackett.
    Excellent customer service and above average client services provided. I'd go to them again if needed. And I recommend attorney Shannon Hackett.

    - F.C.

  • Thanks Greg for all you help.
    Greg was awesome, he explained everything to me, and was up front about the cost. He was recommended to me from a friend and I would recommend him to one of my friends. My Divorce was uncontested, so it was straight forward.

    - L.L.