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Bradley A. Coates & Dr. Diana Wiley Focus on What Women Want

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2016 | Firm News

Brad Coates, author of “DIVORCE with DECENCY” ( knows a thing or two about romance. He has been a frequent guest on this show and today we focused on what women want…female needs, desires, and behavior in romantic relationships. His book states, “Women want to hear ‘I love you and I understand.’ A man wants to hear ‘That makes sense,’ indicating a linear thought process.” It is really about your responsiveness to your partner’s emotions – and this responsiveness is what makes a relationship feel fair. Underlying this element is respect. Brad and I spoke about the trend that more single people are staying that way, not getting married. In fact, many more women are not re-marrying after a divorce. For those who do stay married and want help, I often talk about couples putting more play back into their relationship. Brad and I expanded on this idea – and more.

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