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Whether you live on Oahu, Honolulu or one of its neighboring islands, you may need help with a legal issue involving your family. After decades of serving families in Hawaii and beyond, our Honolulu family law lawyers, paralegals, and clerical professionals look forward to assisting you through our “hands-on” approach. When you discuss your Hawaii family law case with one of our Honolulu family law attorneys at Coates Frey & Hackett, AAL LLLC, you can be assured that your case will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

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About Our Hawaii Family Law Firm

Family law encompasses a variety of matters concerning Hawaii’s families. Some of the Hawaii family law matters our Honolulu family lawyers continue to successfully help our clients with include the following:

  • Divorce: The process of legally dissolving your marital relationship involves technical legal obligations that should be handled by an attorney to ensure they’re completed correctly and in your best interests, including dividing your marital property and properly allocating your marital debts, determining whether one should pay spousal support to the other, resolving child custody and support issues, and more.
  • Child custodyFinalizing legal and physical custody decisions is made simpler with a Honolulu family law attorney who can help you draft appropriate documents designed and intended to protect your children while reflecting the mutual agreements of both parents.
  • Premarital agreements: Our Honolulu family lawyers are available to help couples identify and allocate their assets and debts before they marry to best ensure that each party retains ownership of his/her property going into the marriage, and if necessary, upon divorce.
  • Spousal abuse and temporary restraining orders: Our attorneys recognize the strength and courage involved in deciding to file for a TRO and are available to our clients to handle the process for you with speed and discretion. Your safety is our priority.
  • Guardianship: Designating a guardian for a minor or incapacitated adult is a process that requires thoughtful consideration. Our Honolulu family law attorneys care for your family like they are our own, and as such, devote the necessary time to ensure your loved ones get a guardian to help them continue living the best life possible going forward.

Whatever it is you’re facing, our Honolulu family lawyers are armed with the relevant legal knowledge and courtroom experience to help you from start to finish.

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How We Can Help You

We take the time to build the strongest case we can in any area of work we take. When clients come to us for help, they can expect premier legal services in matters such as:

For every client we represent, we uphold our philosophy in all of our work.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the beloved Hawaiian aloha spirit. We pride ourselves on our character. Beyond their legal prowess, our attorneys were hired for being kind, courteous and thoughtful “people people,” which is evident in our book on divorce.

Our goal is to provide cost- and time-effective legal assistance to families in our community. We welcome our clients as our family. We treat you with the respect and kindness you deserve and fight for results and settlements that best serve you.

Meet Our Team

Every member of our team is committed to helping our clients earn the outcome they deserve in their family law and divorce needs. When you choose us to represent you, you can expect the compassion and dedication you deserve from our team here:

Every member of our team is ready to help you through your legal needs by crafting creative and out-of-the-box strategies for your best interests.

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