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Client Reviews

Very Professional

Very professional courteous, and respectful. Thank you.

– T.R.

Manages Compassion And Justice

Shannon is helpful and knowledgeable. She alleviated my anxiety multiple times including before I had even contracted with her. I appreciate her ability to manage compassion and justice.

– S.S.

Attentive And Invested In My Case

His efforts were evidenced by a speedy decision in the first stage of our case, he and his team are dedicated, professionals and will help in anyway that they can, highly recommended…military friendly.

– D.F.

I’d Go To Them Again If Needed

Excellent customer service and above average client services provided. I’d go to them again if needed. And I recommend attorney Shannon Hackett.

– F.C.

Thanks Greg, For All Your Help

Greg was awesome, he explained everything to me, and was up front about the cost. He was recommended to me from a friend and I would recommend him to one of my friends. My Divorce was uncontested, so it was straight forward.

– L.L

  1. “Divorce is never a welcomed event in a person’s life, but Coates Frey & Hackett’s philosophy allows the client to experience the process with confidence and efficiency. Thank you for Divorce with Decency.”


  1. “Prior to contacting Coates Frey & Hackett, I talked to five other attorneys. You folks were very concerned and always to the point.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude.  You gave us good advice not only for the present, but for the future as well.”


  1. “Thank you for taking time to make a “wrong” a “right”. The quick actions by your firm reaffirmed the confidence I have in your office.”


  1. “Dear Bradley: Thank you for being such a great counselor – and friend – when I was at my lowest.”


  1. “The over all atmosphere around the firm was very positive! Everyone was very helpful and made an effort to know me by name.  I was very impressed with the firm as a whole.”


  1. “I have read your book and honestly, I have found it to be the most balanced, solidly researched, book on divorce I have come across; and it is done in a very readable fashion. Kudos to you and your editor!

I am a Christian clinical psychologist practicing locally.  I really have not had a book that comprehensively yet fairly (undergirded with solid research) represents the complex facets of issues surrounding the termination of a marriage, until yours.

Thank you very much for writing this most needed resource.”


  1. “Very business like, still friendly too.”


  1. “I was so nervous that my divorce would be ugly. You guys are true to your slogan!  Very Decent.  So many attorneys are out for blood, but you guys made this process as smooth and benign as possible and it was appreciated by myself as well as my ex-husband.  Thank you.”


  1. “Flawless service, thank you.”


  1. “Thank you for sticking with your commitment of returning a portion of the retainer balance (just as predicted).”


  1. “You were able to speed up the process of our divorce and finalize everything in less than 5 weeks. I am also very thankful for receiving money back from my already low retainer I gave you at the beginning.  You surely relieved a lot of emotional and financial pain out of this divorce procedure.

Bradley, because of your skills, expertise and incredible efficiency you made it possible to divorce promptly, but most importantly with decency.  Both, [ex-spouse] and I, are crediting you for helping us to keep our relationship friendly, healthy and peaceful during the whole process.  Now that everything is over, we remain great friends and we thank you for that.”


  1. “Very caring, competent and professional. My attorney and legal secretary were very nice, helpful and made me feel better about the whole ordeal.  I would definitely recommend to others.”


  1. “Very friendly staff. Glad I did business with your firm.”


  1. “I must write this letter to express my appreciation for the professionalism, determination, availability, skills and caring attitude I experienced dealing with your law firm.

Having worked with military and civilian attorneys throughout my career in numerous legal situations, both for individuals and systemic issues, I have never experienced attorneys with such professional attributes who also were concerned about people and their well-being.  Your offices should be emulated by other professionals and attorneys.

Individuals going through the divorce process are suffering from stress, uncertainty, fears, emotional distress and a sense of loss.  Your staff helped minimize all of these affects of the process for me, and I am sure for everyone you serve.”


Chaplain, US Army

  1. “As a little testimonial – your work & efforts provided the catalyst for me to move forward in life with a positive and fresh perspective. Believe it or not, my son’s dad and I made great strides in partnering together when it comes to all issues that deal with our son.  His heart has softened a bit since the courtroom and he realizes that my intentions (with your help) always had the “best for my son” at its foundation.  As rough and harsh as the realization of divorce and custody battles are – many people, like me, truly felt protected, strengthened and empowered with you at their side throughout the whole process.”


  1. “Everyone at your office that I came in contact with was professional and courteous. I was very comfortable working with Greg Frey and appreciated his sense of humor along the way.  Greg informed me up front on the estimated cost of my case.  I’m very happy I selected your firm to represent me.  Thank you.”


  1. “Your fees were reasonable…much to my surprise. Having had very bad experiences with attorneys, I was very skeptical.  But you have restored my trust in lawyers.”


  1. “Your firm was prompt. You have good/excellent “players” on your team.  Your fees were reasonable.  I did buy your book Divorce with Decency from Border’s before coming here.  The book was informational for me, as a local boy.”


  1. “Great service in everyway. Greg Frey is a terrific lawyer, helpful and did all to make the case easy.  All assistants were very helpful and polite.  Mahalo nui loa!”


  1. “I really appreciate all of what your firm has done for me. You not only got me everything I went after, but you also worked on your final billing figure with me, as not to see me go broke.  This type of conduct certainly shows the quality at your firm.  I sincerely thank everyone for all of your help in helping me keep my children!  I now have full custody!”


  1. “I love everyone there. I would love to work here.  Call me if you need volunteers.  Very positive!  “Thumbs up!”  Everyone at this firm made my experience an interesting and sometimes fun adventure.  I will truly miss everyone.  Thank you so much.  I actually enjoyed getting divorced.  For lawyers, you guys are great!  Paul Soenksen, Greg Frey and, of course, you Brad.”


  1. “Your corporation’s professionalism is evident in the entire process, especially the documentation for your billing system and the para-legal support staff that I dealt with. Having been with the police department, I began our process with a critical eye.  Within a couple of sessions, I felt comfortable with my attorney and his support staff.  On three prior occasions, I have recommended clients to your corporation and will continue to do so.”


  1. “Mahalo to your very professional and very helpful staff. I was recommended by my friend Judge _______.”


  1. “It is great to know that these type of cases are handled fairly with your firm. It is very sensitive (divorce) to everyone (especially children).  I’m glad I chose to go with Coates Frey & Hackett to handle my case in a fair and timely manner.”


  1. “The overall atmosphere around your firm makes me want to be a lawyer. You have beautiful paralegals.  Thank you for putting an end to my nightmare, you guys are good.  I will recommend your firm to as many people as I can.  Send me flyers, I’ll pass them out.”


  1. “Greg, I want to thank you for your services, your professionalism is second to none. Thanks to you and your staff’s hard work and dedication, I am able to spend quality time with my precious daughter.  Frey, words of thanks will never be enough to truly express my sincere gratitude to you and your staff.”


  1. “You are the first, and only as far as I know, attorney who has ever returned part of a retainer at the end of my divorce.”


  1. “Thanks to your and your firm, I have the opportunity to be a father. Without your help, I may have lost what meant so much to me.”


  1. “Thank you all so much for helping me out. Everything went so smooth, not like all the horror stories I’ve heard about divorce.  You guys really made it easy for me and my family.”


  1. “You folks were so fast, I had anticipated that it to be longer. I knew I was in a place that the people there knew what they were doing.”


  1. “I loved your professionalism; you were very matter-of-fact and helped my husband make up his mind in ten words or less. It was your way of handling words that impressed me and made it very clear for both of us what our options were.  I’m glad you were in my corner.”


  1. “The service/support from Shannon and Moana were outstanding. I always felt Shannon 100% was on my side, fighting for my best interest.  She and I were often up late at night emailing.  Shannon is very smart and I appreciate that she could keep track of my personal story and details, and remembered everything.”


  1. “Shannon is helpful and knowledgeable. She alleviated my anxiety multiple times, including before I had even contracted with her.  I appreciate her ability to manage compassion and justice.”


  1. “Shannon exceeded my expectations and it was an honor and privilege to work with her. I am grateful.”


  1. “Thank you for helping me move forward.”


  1. “The smartest thing I’ve ever done is contact CFH the day after receiving divorce papers. Thank you for all your help.”


  1. “Shannon, C. and I sincerely thank you for handling our divorce in such a friendly and fair manner. In doing so…enabling us to move forward as friends and family.”


  1. “The materials your firm prepares (filings, pleadings, etc.) and the timeliness with which they are prepared is the best in town. The paralegals and receptionists are invariably sharp and helpful.  I have come to expect (and rely on) such excellence from Coates & Frey.  So enjoy the compliment!  It is given with sincerity!”

-from a prominent Honolulu psychologist colleague

  1. “I liked the level of good humor and friendliness – unusual for a law firm. You should be proud of the team you have put together.  Also, your newspaper column, your book and video are a tremendous help.”


  1. “It is a pleasure working with your firm. You focus on people’s best long term interest and what is best for the children.  I appreciate that a lot.”

-from a prominent Honolulu psychologist colleague

  1. “I had estimates that I was going to have to pay more for my case than I ultimately did.”


  1. “Both attorneys and staff were very user friendly and accessible. Everybody was pleasant, cooperative and prompt.  The legal process can be overwhelming and intimidating.  Your firm helped me through the muck and mire.”


  1. “You and Coates were correct – negotiate. Brad’s book was a really big help.”


  1. “They are great listeners. You get what you pay for.  From you – that’s quality.  Thank you for the fair fees.  You guys are drop dead busy – but professionalism abounds.  Your reputation precedes you.”