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Bradley A. Coates & Dr. Diana Wiley discuss “To Wed or Not to Wed…the Pros and the Cons”

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2016 | Firm News

Bradley Coates, Esq., ( returned to the program. He is the author of “DIVORCE with DECENCY” – 4th Edition. To wed or not to wed…the pros and the cons was the focus of the discussion. The best thing about Brad’s book is that its full of straight forward insights about the winds of social change. Brad and Dr. Diana discussed the cons of remarriage – including the fact that many remarry various versions of their former mate, not having done a good “emotional divorce.” Sex may be better in a remarriage in that folks are paying more attention. Sex is the second language of behavior and it’s important to pay attention to its message! We also explored the big question, “Does sex really make you happier?” Tune-in for some answers!