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Ways To Save Time And Money In Your Divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Divorce

Divorce is never a pleasant experience. It’s stressful for everyone involved, and the time and cost can be draining. However, you may not realize you have options for going through the divorce process.

Not every divorce needs to be a hard fought battle ending in litigation. There are ways to reach amicable solutions that work for everyone involved.


Mediation can be one of the most cost-effective ways to complete your divorce. It is also less contentious. Instead of hiring attorneys to represent each party, a mediator works a as third party to facilitate an agreement. This allows everyone to represent their best interests and come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

The entire divorce, including child custody, spousal support and property division can be mediated, which is why it can be a great option for many couples.

Uncontested divorce

In an uncontested divorce, you may have already agreed to the terms and simply need an attorney to finalize your agreement and ensure a court will sign off on it. This can actually be a great precursor to mediation.

If you and your spouse know you won’t be fighting over the details, you’ll still want to make sure everything is handled and accounted for. Going through mediation will ensure that all aspects are taken care of.

If you try to complete a divorce yourself, even if both sides are on the same page, you are likely to miss something. This can lead to issues and may turn an uncontested divorce into a contested one.

The best option for a couple going through divorce is to find the process that will work best for them.

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