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Avoid These 3 Major Mistakes That Happen Early in Divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Divorce

If you’re gearing up for your divorce, there are some serious mistakes that you want to avoid.

While you ultimately want to let your attorney be your guide, these are some of the worse moves other people have made (and regretted) after the dust had a chance to settle:

1. Moving Out

It might make you feel great to pack a bag and leave the family home the same night that you announce that you’re filing for divorce — but that’s often a serious error if you have children. Leaving the family home is tantamount to abandonment in many judge’s eyes. If you have any desire for custody or shared custody, move into a separate room and just avoid your spouse as much as possible.

2. Spending Too Much

The feeling of not having to negotiate with your spouse about a major purchase for the first time in years can be very freeing — but keep the limits of your wallet or pocketbook in mind when you splurge. A cool new watch or a pair of very expensive shoes might be a great way to celebrate — but a sports car is going to put a serious dent in your monthly finances and you no longer have someone else’s income on which to rely. Remember that you’re essentially going to be starting over and plan accordingly.

3. Dwelling On Divorce

This can take a lot of forms, and all of them can be pretty destructive to your relationships with your children, friends and relatives. If you’re dwelling on your divorce and find yourself talking about it constantly — especially if you are discussing your spouse’s negative qualities in your children’s hearing — it can end up coming back to haunt you in a major way. If there’s a custody battle, for example, you don’t want the kids to repeat the names you’ve called their mother or father to the court-appointed psychologist, or you may find yourself facing allegations of purposefully alienating them from their other parent.

An attorney can provide more advice on how to not sabotage yourself when you’re starting over

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