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4 Signs That Point to Divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2017 | Blog

Most relationships have their ups and downs, good times and bad. Sometimes, couples can overcome roadblocks through communication, therapy or various other methods. For others, the roadblocks continue to build until it is impossible get the relationship back on track. If you are wondering if it is too late to repair your marriage, you may be considering divorce.

Divorce is the first in a series a major decisions you will have to make during the process. This is why it is important to be sure that ending your marriage is the correct decision. For some common signs that point to divorce, read further.

You’re not able to resolve conflicts

Conflict resolution is a major part of any relationship. If you and your husband cannot work out your differences, then it might be time to call it quits. A lack of conflict resolution might come in the form of avoiding conflict, bullying until one of you gets your way or even feeling that there is no point in trying.

Lack of intimacy

Without an emotional connection, a couple will cease to experience affection or intimacy within the marriage. If there is no empathy or affection in your relationship anymore, then you the two of might cease caring about the other person’s feelings or needs.

Your marriage is not a priority

If your or your husband’s focus is increasingly on things that are outside of your marriage, then it might be time to take the first step toward divorce. For example, if you are immersing yourself in the lives of your children or in work, or some other person or activity, then your marriage is no longer a priority.

Planning for single-hood

If one of you is starting to plan for the single life, then it is a safe bet that divorce is on the horizon. For instance, if you are already setting up an online dating profile then it is probably time to call it quits with your husband.

If one of the above signs applies to your relationship, then you should consider taking it as a sign that divorce is the right choice. Once you make the decision to end your marriage, you can start planning for the divorce process, such as deciding if you want to keep your home in Honolulu or sell it.