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The Divorce Mediation Process

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2018 | Blog

As you begin to ponder divorce, including how the process will unfold, it won’t be long before you turn your attention to mediation. While there is no guarantee mediation will work, it’s important to understand the benefits of putting the necessary effort into the process.

With mediation, you have more control over the process. Once your case moves to the courtroom, you lose some of this control as the judge can step in to make key decisions on behalf of you and your ex-spouse.

With all this in mind, you should gain a better understanding of what divorce mediation looks like from start to finish. Here aresome of the many things you can expect:

  • The mediator will start by introducing him- or herself, talking about the process as a whole, and giving you an overview of the rules and goals
  • You (as well as your soon to be ex-spouse) have the opportunity to outline the dispute in your eyes
  • The mediator will start the process by prompting both individuals to discuss a particular mater, all with the idea of moving you closer to a compromise
  • There are times when the mediator will engage with both individuals in a private setting
  • If you are able to successfully negotiate a particular point, such as child custody, the mediator will put it in writing
  • In the event that your mediation goes nowhere, the mediator will summarize what happened and advise you as to the next steps (typically litigation)

There is no way of knowing exactly what will happen during divorce mediation, but this should give you a clear idea of the things you should expect along the way. Preparing for the process can go a long way in helping you make sound decisions as the days go by.

Even though divorce mediation can be full of many twists and turns, the right approach can have you making progress a little bit at a time. By knowing your legal rights and keeping your eyes on the end of the road, you’ll come to find that you’re in position to put your divorce in the past soon enough.

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