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Three Reasons to Delay a Divorce

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Divorce

What’s a good reason to delay a divorce?

For some people, there is no good reason. They’re done with the marriage and they need out. Certainly, if you’re in an abusive situation that puts you in danger, it’s always the right time for a divorce.

On the other hand, there are some perfectly good reasons to delay your divorce. Here are some of the most common reasons people decide to delay their divorces:

They’re waiting until they hit the 10-year mark

This isn’t an arbitrary date. After 10 years of marriage, you get entitlement to certain Social Security spousal benefits, even after you get divorced. If those benefits are potentially important to you, it might be wise to delay your divorce a little if you only have a few months left to go.

They’re waiting until they have the financial means

Divorce can be expensive. It’s also expensive to set up a new household. Unless you have some money put aside, starting over can be unnecessarily harsh. It’s sometimes worthwhile to sit still for a few months while you get your finances in order and have the money you need to make things easier — as long as you actually focus on saving and have a definite plan in mind.

They need the insurance coverage

If you have a serious medical problem, a divorce might not be the best thing for you right now. Even if it’s the absolute right thing to do, there’s a lot of stress associated with divorce — which can negatively affect your health. In addition, if you need your spouse’s medical coverage while you get through this illness, it may be a good decision to wait.

If your condition is chronic, you may want to consider a separation agreement so that you and your spouse can start to establish different lives while still maintaining your benefits.

Obviously, the entire decision to delay a divorce isn’t necessarily yours. If your spouse is ready to move on, you may not be able to prevent it for long — even if you contest the divorce. However, if your spouse is agreeable, sometimes delays do make sense.

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