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Domestic Violence Protesters Attack Candidate for Governor

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2018 | Domestic Abuse

Former senator Clayton Hee has found his campaign for governor besieged by an unexpected foe — a political action committee (PAC) focused on the fight against domestic violence in Hawaii.

The PAC placed over 100 brightly-colored signs all over Oahu that associate Hee with domestic violence. Domestic violence has been a hot-button issue in Hawaii in recent months due a series of high-profile events in the state.

Personal tragedies involving several domestic violence victims already had many in the state focused on the issue. Then, the state’s legislature was unable to pass a domestic violence bill that supporters deemed important to the welfare of victims — despite a large effort put behind the measure and a general agreement that the state’s current domestic violence laws are weak and relatively toothless. As a whole, the issue seems to have galvanized a lot of activists against domestic violence in the state into action.

Hee has drawn the ire of the PAC because court records from his 1988 divorce and court notes include allegations of domestic violence. Hee responded to allegations brought up by the group by denying any domestic violence. He pointed out that he had never been the subject of any police reports or restraining orders. Nor had he ever been arrested. He somewhat intimated that the allegations arose simply as a result of the tumult of the divorce.

Some of the signs regarding Hee were removed by the police because they violated public ordinances where they were posted. The former senator feels that they disparage his name unfairly.

Stories like this illustrate an important lesson for everyone regarding accusations of domestic violence. In the modern world, allegations of domestic violence can be highly destructive — especially when they aren’t substantiated. While it’s very important for victims of domestic violence to seek help, it’s equally important for victims of false accusations to fight back before their reputations are irrevocably tarnished.

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