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The Relationship Between Wealth And Divorce Has Some Surprises

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Divorce

It probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that money is a major source of discord between couples. It might surprise you, however, to learn that having a lot of money can be just as detrimental to a relationship as not having enough — especially if your expenses tend to match your income or one spouse doesn’t work.

Any couple that struggles to meet their financial obligations — whether those obligations are great or small — can end up feeling pressured and stressed out. In high-income households, that often leads to tensions between a couple as they start to argue over each other’s spending and other financial responsibilities. One spouse may end up taking more of the blame for any financial problems — especially if they have poor credit.

In high-income households where only one spouse works or where the majority of the money comes from only one spouse, the difference in incomes can create a power imbalance that leads to conflicts. Further, the spouse with the larger income often has to devote a lot of energy and time to their career. That can also leave a person feeling lonely and neglected.

Experts say that divorces are far more likely to occur during good economic times than bad ones. During bad economic times, couples often don’t have the luxury of focusing on their conflicts with each other. Practical concerns outweigh notions of personal happiness. When money is flowing more freely, couples start thinking about personal satisfaction in their lives — not survival.

Communicating clearly and openly about your financial needs and goals with your spouse can help you avoid these problems, especially if you can pull together as a team to work toward a stable future. If your spouse is unwilling, however, and you’re starting to feel less and less content in your marriage, it might be wise to consult a Honolulu attorney about your options.