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Gifts for Someone Going Through a Divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2018 | Divorce

Holiday gifts are a reflection of concern for other people and a natural desire to build relationships with friends, family members and even casual acquaintances. Gifts can range from a simple gesture of appreciation (like the tip you give your dog groomer or mailman) to a much deeper message of understanding and kinship toward someone you love.

If you know someone who is going through a divorce this holiday season, there are plenty of gift guides available, but we’d like to offer the following suggestions:

Practical and personal gifts

A lot of people start changing their appearance around a bit once they start going through a divorce. For some, there’s a real need to shed their old appearance at the same time they shed their married life. Others may have neglected their appearance for a while as the marriage started to fail and are just starting to care again about how they look.

If your friend falls in these categories, consider:

  • A gift certificate to a full body massage — or even a foot massage
  • A gift certificate to have his or her hair styled or manicure done
  • A shopping trip to buy a sharp new outfit

Really, the only limits here are your creativity and budget.

Inspirational and forward-thinking gifts

A lot of people start evaluating the direction their life is going now that they’re unmoored from their marriage. Some gifts can help them find inner peace and a new sense of purpose, like:

  • An undated calendar (to stress the idea that it’s time to start on a new life right now)
  • A journal (to help them explore their innermost thoughts)
  • Adult coloring books and colored pencils (which can reduce anxiety and stress)

Sensitive and compassionate gifts

Most of all, your divorcing friend may crave a little companionship during this time, especially if it is his or her first holiday season “uncoupled.” Consider these heartfelt gifts that show your genuine feelings:

  • A dedicated coffee date
  • Dinner at a favorite restaurant

If your friend isn’t feeling talkative, offer to take him or her to the movies. That way, you can spend time together without your friend feeling pressured to talk.

Divorce can be difficult, but an experienced attorney can often smooth the process and make things easier.