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Set the Standard for Your Co-Parenting Relationship

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Firm News

Co-parenting isn’t always easy, but there are some things that you can do to make the situation a bit easier. One thing that sometimes makes the circumstances more difficult is when your emotions come into the picture. By finding ways that you can address all of this, you might be able to de-stress your life so that you are able to move forward with your parenting.

When you think about what points in the co-parenting relationship bother you the most, you may realize that there are specific issues that always cause a reaction. Determining how you will respond to them can give you a plan to fall back on. Because there are some co-parenting issues that seem to be the root of many contentious situations, anyone with this type of arrangement might benefit from these suggestions.

Agree to cooperate

Cooperating with your ex isn’t always easy, but it is the cornerstone of your relationship now. By both parents being willing to give and take, things can get resolved faster. You and your ex are still a parenting team. Even though you are divorced, you can’t let the marital discord remain once the marriage is dissolved.

Remain flexible

Flexibility is also important when you are co-parenting. You can’t be petty when it comes to making changes. One example would be if your ex needs to keep the kids one extra night because they are going to an event out of town. Instead of demanding that your ex have them home at the preset time, think about how staying that one extra night might affect the kids. If they are going to be safe and having fun, it might not be a big deal. In return, you might be able to keep them an extra night when you have something you want to do with them.

Always show respect

Having mutual respect is another vital point of a co-parenting relationship. You and your ex should be able to speak to each other without either party having to worry about being subjected to harassing or demeaning talk. Not only does this help your co-parenting relationship, it also provides a good example for your children since you are showing them that even people who don’t get along can be respectful.

Your co-parenting relationship should be based on the parenting plan that you have set. The terms of this can be as general or detailed as you need. Many co-parents find that having a fluid agreement that can change with the child’s needs benefits everyone involved.