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Plan for the Journey of Your Single Life

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Blog

Realizing that your marriage is over means that you need to take steps to prepare for your single life. This isn’t going to be easy, but making sure that you handle things can help you to be less stressed as you adjust.

Whether you have already found out about the divorce or you are think that it is coming soon, you can start to get things ready. It will be a while before you are able to receive the divorce settlement, so you should plan to venture out on your own.

Look at the budget

You need to find out what you can afford when you are out on your own. The issue that you are going to have to plan around is that you won’t have a second household income to use when things get tight. Start out by writing down your income and then make note of the bills you know you will have to pay. Remember that you might have some bills that are more expensive now, so try to plan accordingly. It is a good idea if you can leave some leeway in the budget. Additionally, plan to start saving some money even if it is only a little at a time.

Determine where you will live

Unlike War of the Roses, you and your ex likely aren’t going to stay in the same home when you are divorcing. One person will likely remain in the home and the other will probably find another place. Take a look at your budget to determine what you need to do. Depending on the cost of remaining in the marital home, you might find that you need to move somewhere less expensive so that you can afford other life expenses.

Plan for the divorce process

The divorce process likely isn’t going to be quick. Instead, you need to plan for a marathon. You may be able to negotiate the terms of the divorce, but some divorces will go through a trial. Some people have an idea of which will happen in their case. It is a good idea to plan for both because there is always a chance that things might change.

Throughout the process, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Your emotions are likely going to be all over the place, so be sure to address them as they come up. This can help you to adjust better to everything while you prepare for your new life in Hololulu as a single adult.