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Tips For Child Custody During Summer Months

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2019 | Child Custody

Divorced parents in Hawaii can face some challenges come summertime if they are not good at communicating. During the year, it can be easier to make a schedule and stick to it, but once there is a break there is not the same consistency. To keep things drama-free for the kids, there are certain tips that may help parents.

According to Live About, the best way to co-parent, in regards to keeping things as easy for the kids is possible, is to be consistent with routines and schedules. Even though it is summer, and activities and bedtimes may change, it is still possible to set up routines. Both parents should decide together what the summer bedtime is, and both should stick with it. Each should also have similar rules as to play time, curfew and the friends they can hang out with.

In some families, the custody time may stay the same throughout the year, but for some parents a different visitation schedule may be possible. Citizen Times discusses that two of the most important things are communication and cooperation. Months before summer break, mom and dad should sit down and discuss the upcoming summer months. If someone wants more custody time, both sides should be able to negotiate a temporary change. They should also discuss vacations, as they may interfere with the normal agreed-upon custody schedule.

Once the parents decide what the plans for summer will be, it is important to discuss them with the children. Outlining specific details is especially important if visitation changes in order to help the kids transition easier. When kids know what to expect, there is less anxiety and stress for all involved.