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Mediation Can Help You Settle Your Case Outside Family Court

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2019 | Family Law

Divorces can certainly run up a tab, and some people find themselves drowning in debt as a result of them. No one, especially not your attorney, wants to see that happen to you.

That’s why it’s a smart idea to work toward an uncontested divorce. While there many be disputes and arguments that you have, it’s best if you can resolve those and avoid the court room. If you do have to go to trial, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the outcome you expect. Additionally, there are further fees and expenses related to going to court that you can avoid by settling in mediation or through other alternative dispute resolution methods.

Can mediation help if you have a disputed case?

Yes, it can. Mediation is designed to help people who have disputes but who are willing to work together to negotiate and resolve them. For example, you and your spouse may not agree on how to divide the value of your property, but you may be willing to discuss different possibilities. If you have trouble working together but are willing to negotiate, a mediator can help keep you on track and guide your conversation, so that it eventually results in an agreement. If you can’t agree during mediation, you can end mediation and go to trial or try other dispute resolution techniques.

What happens if you have to go to family court?

If you do have to go to family court to resolve your dispute, remember that the judge will have control over the results of the case. Both you and your spouse will need to present your cases to the judge. The judge will listen and come up with a solution that they believe is reasonable based on the facts.

Most attorneys advise that you settle outside of court, because that’s the only way to guarantee that you will come up with a settlement that you are satisfied with. When you take your case to court, there are no guarantees, and a judge could rule in a manner that surprises you.

Trials also cost more, so if you want to keep the costs associated with your divorce lower, it’s a better idea to work toward a settlement in mediation. That way, you’ll reduce the time spent in court and the hours your attorney works on the case, which saves you money in the long run.