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Personal Growth Can Support Efforts to Co-parent

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2019 | Child Custody

Co-parenting has many advantages for divorced parents in Hawaii, but more significantly are the benefits it will provide for the children they share together. When two parents are able to maintain enough of a relationship to continue raising their children synergistically despite their marriage ending, they can help their children experience more fully the reward of having two parents who are committed to their growth and success.

One thing that parents must remember is how critical their own personal growth and well-being is to maintain. In spite of a divorce, many people become so involved in making decisions related to their split or managing their emotions that their self-care takes a serious backseat. When this happens, people may find it significantly more difficult to provide the love, support and optimism that their children need to thrive despite changes in the familial dynamic. suggests that for many people, divorce provides recognition of the need to be more self-aware. Subsequently, studies have shown that people who are single following a divorce often attain higher levels of personal growth and awakening than their married counterparts. People who are able to utilize their divorce as an opportunity to learn and grow can learn self-sufficiency which can translate into their efficiency and effectiveness as parents.

Couples who desire to make a co-parenting arrangement work for them will have a significant advantage if they have their mental and emotional health under control. suggests that one thing that parents can do to optimize their success with co-parenting is to be able to communicate and work with their ex. Individuals who are confident in their own abilities and the goals they have set for their future can be much more effective in their efforts to be professional, respectful and cordial with their ex.