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3 Ways Parents with Demanding Careers Can Pursue Child Custody

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Child Custody

Parents with full-time jobs may feel at a disadvantage when they prepare to negotiate a child custody agreement. The other parent’s part-time job or more flexible schedule might convince a judge to award the bulk of parenting time to that person. However, with the right approach and preparations, a parent need not compromise as much as they think. Family law in Hawaii grants both parties parental rights, and following these tips could result in greater access to children.

Parents should avoid the temptation to overestimate the amount of quality time that they can give their children. Multiple factors go into whether someone can realistically provide consistent care and support for their children as often as they desire. Parents need to consider if they can leave work on short notice to care for a sick child. They should think about how they will balance job duties with childcare duties like preparing meals, helping with homework and getting children to bed.

Parents could talk with a manager ahead of time and make arrangements for greater flexibility. A judge might be more receptive to a custody petition if it can be shown that an employer recognizes parenting responsibilities.

Most parents rely on other caregivers sometimes. It’s important to specify in a proposed parenting plan how the parent has arranged for a nanny to pick kids up from school or watch them on school vacations.

Lawyers who practice family law have encountered many of the issues confronting parents as they pursue child custody. A parent amidst divorce might gain insights or suggestions from a lawyer that helps them achieve a custody schedule that keeps them closely involved in the lives of their children.