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Alternative Arrangements for Joint Custody Situations

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Blog, Child Custody Blog

When Hawaii parents split physical custody down the middle, they often end up deciding on the traditional method of alternating weeks between the two households. While this may be the easiest way to do things administratively, analysts are beginning to recommend alternative options for dividing parental time.

Children already must cope with many changes in a divorce. When they are faced with the prospect of spending an entire week away from one of their parents, it could heighten their emotional burden. They may either develop separation anxiety or end up growing more distant from one or both parents. The length of the separation can end up being detrimental to the children psychologically.

There can also be logistical challenges for the exes. The parent whose week it is to have the children might need to get flexibility from their job for a long period. This may not always be forthcoming from an employer. Moreover, this schedule can be difficult to execute when the two parents have a poor relationship because. After all, it will increase the need for communication during the week so that the children can speak with each parent. As a result, some analysts are advocating more frequent rotation between the parents’ homes for the children’s well-being.

This type of arrangement may take some conceptualizing to be able to grasp and put into practice. A child custody advocate could help a couple reach an agreement on a schedule. Then, the attorney might help their client negotiate the custody agreement with the other side. If need be, they could advocate for their client in front of a judge to get the arrangement that is in the children’s best interests.