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4 Reasons You May Need to Modify Your Child Support Payments

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Child Support

The goal of child support is to ensure your child receives the financial support they deserve, even after you and your spouse have gotten divorced. But especially if your child was very young when you got divorced, there’s a good chance your support agreement will need to be changed as they get older.

Changing Child Support Payments in Hawaii

1. Changes in income.

The amount someone pays (or is paid) in child support often depends on their income. If your income changes, most often due to being fired or laid off, you may be able to have your support lowered. That being said, it’s important to remember that even the loss of a job doesn’t mean you can stop paying support altogether. Before you pay a different amount than what’s listed on your agreement, a judge has to sign off on it.

While a decrease in income is one of the most common reasons to file for a modification, your support can also be increased if you receive a promotion or substantial pay increase.

2. New expenses regarding your child.

In addition to your income, child support is also based on the needs of your child at the time of your divorce. If, years down the line, your child requires additional funds for schooling, medical care, dentistry, psychiatric care, etc., your child support might be increased.

3. One party gets married.

If the receiving or paying spouse gets married, that may also qualify for a change in child support. While every case is unique, paying spouses who remarry someone with children may be allowed to decrease their payments, to ensure all children are able to be cared for.

4. One parent has become incarcerated or disabled.

Changes to your child’s life aren’t the only qualifying factors when changing child support — your changing mental or physical health can also be considered. If one parent becomes incarcerated, it will also have a substantial effect on the amount of child support paid or received.

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