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Hawaii Foodbank Fundraiser

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2021 | Firm News

ALOHA to all family, friends, colleagues, clients, and supporters of CFT&G, AAL LLLC.

You all no doubt recall and remember that our Senior Attorney, P. Gregory “Greg” Frey, led all attorneys in the State last year as the 2020 President of the HAWAII STATE BAR ASSOCIATION (“HSBA”). In that position, Greg worked with the HSBA Staff and Board to coordinate & launch a remote/distance fundraiser in partnership with the HAWAII FOODBANK (“HFB”). As different and as unique as this fundraiser was, the hard work paid-off. The 2020 Campaign was a HUGE success, and exceeded all expectations. The legal and greater Island community really opened their hearts & their wallets for a fantastic cause. “Tons of money” was raised to enable the HFB to feed thousands of needy and worthy folks in our community. Given that very worthwhile experience, it’s certainly a “no brainer” that our CFT&G ‘Ohana get involved this year. It’s the right thing to do, and our firm is honored to do our part for the HFB, HSBA, and most importantly for island families in need.

Our dedicated family law firm has joined this 2021 Campaign with enthusiasm, passion, and drive, and energy, and we certainly deeply appreciate any level of financial support you can give through our CFT&G Fundraiser page. Here is the link to donate to this worthy fundraiser:

No pressure. “If can, can. If no can, no can.” As you consider your level of support through this page (HIT the above link), please know & always remember that the need in our Island State is pronounced, persuasive & immediate. The HFB tells us that 1 in 6 people, including about 81,000 island keiki, need food assistance. The hard work of reducing hunger never ends. Your money donation through this CFT&G page (HIT the above link) ensures that keiki receive the nutrition they need; senior citizens don’t have to choose between nutritious meals and their daily medication, and; parents don’t have to put paying for electricity ahead of feeding their families.

Together, we can work to ensure no one in our Hawaii ‘ohana goes hungry! Family helping Family. Join us! Do what you can, and MAHALO PLENTY for your kindness.

The CFT&G ‘Ohana

P.S. You may also TEXT your donation: Coalition49 to 71777