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The Divorce Process in Hawaii

How To Get a Divorce in Hawaii

Couple sitting separately on a sofa, each touching their wedding rings.Our lawyers approach divorce and separation cases with the intention of making the process as quick, affordable, and emotionally painless as possible. We do this by attempting to keep cases on the uncontested track. Through this approach, we try to get both parties to voluntarily sign an agreement. This document must include a complete settlement of all property and other issues in the divorce or separation. We “Wrote the Book” on divorce and family law in Hawaii and are ready to apply the knowledge and strategies in it to your case.

“Divorce with Decency” is much more than our founder’s famed, award-winning book. It can also be an accurate description of your case. Contact us today to get started. We serve Oahu and neighboring islands.

Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements provide the couple with the power to handle all decisions regarding the divorce. To be a plausible option, the couple needs to be willing to cooperate and reach an agreeable solution. Once an uncontested property settlement agreement, or divorce decree, is signed by both husband and wife, it is then submitted to the court and is generally approved by the court. The parties are not asking the judge to decide anything regarding their divorce or their assets. Instead, they are simply asking the judge to approve the agreement as created by the parties themselves through amicable negotiations. This is a much quicker, less adversarial, and more financially manageable procedure than a contested divorce.

Contested and Uncontested Divorces

Divorce decrees, in addition to offering a perfect opportunity by its terms to be civil and friendly with your spouse, also offer both parties the chance to save time and money as well. Uncontested divorces generally cost $1,500 to $2,00 in legal fees and can be concluded within a few months. We must stress, however, that every single item of the divorce settlement must be mutually agreed upon. Otherwise, the court considers the case to be contested.

If there is a disagreement causing the other party to be unwilling to sign, regardless of the reason, then you do not have an uncontested divorce. The disagreement can be over something as major as a million-dollar disparity in property valuations or as simple as who gets the family dog or the china, but if it prevents getting a signed agreement, it will preclude you going down the substantially less time consuming and less costly uncontested divorce track and process.

​If disputes arise, you are then on the contested divorce track. Contested cases can take well over a year and cost several thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees and costs to complete.

Legal Separation

Many of our clients tend to instinctively head toward a legal separation in the common situation where they have begun to experience some level of marital disharmony but are not quite ready to permanently end the marriage. This is an ambivalent period of mixed emotions. The legal grounds for separations are similarly nonspecific, requiring only that the marriage be “temporarily disrupted.” It establishes a temporary break in the marital relationship. In Hawaii, the court will approve a statutory legal separation period of about two years based upon documents that outline a separation agreement. At the end of this time, however, you must then finalize things either by formally ending the marriage or repairing it. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, none of the marital assets, debt are "permanently" allocated or distributed and any award of child custody will be temporary.

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